Monday, October 31, 2011

Month of Costumes Wrap up (+giveaway)

It's been so much fun putting all these costumes together, but also a lot of work. So here is a quick wrap up of the month.

Day 1 - Steampunk                                   Day 16 - Princess Fiona
Day 2 - 1920's                                          Day 17 - Vampire
Day 3 - Cat in the Hat                               Day 18 - Medusa
Day 4 - 1980's Madonna                          Day 19 - Lydia
Day 5 - Minnie Mouse                              Day 20 - Dorothy
Day 6 - Cowgirl                                        Day 21 - Harlequin
Day 7 - Emily the Strange                          Day 22 - Rag Doll
Day 8 - Little Red Riding Hood                 Day 23 - Clockwork Orange
Day 9 - Kooky Witch                               Day 24 - Matryoshka
Day 10 - Gypsy                                        Day 25 - Harajuku Girl
Day 11 - Alice in Wonderland                   Day 26 - Willy Wonka
Day 12 - Moon Goddess                          Day 27 - Gothic Schoolgirl
Day 13 - Princess Leia                              Day 28 - Pippi Longstocking
Day 14 - Safari Hunter                              Day 29 - Mrs Lovett
Day 15 - Pirate                                         Day 30 - Ringmaster
                                                                Day 31 - Day of the Dead

And for an extra added bonus, here are some photos of a few other costumes I have worn over the years.
 Hubby and I, at the "school days" party, dressed as goths.
 Wearing the purple and green tutu I made.
 At a 007 themed event dressed as Bond villains, Me - Jaws, Sandy - Oddjob.
 A Halloween party we had many years ago, Me dressed as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Show, attempting to do a Charlies Angels pose with a witch and Harry Potter. Hubby was dressed as Riff Raff.
 When I was a kid, dressed as a nerd for Nerds night at youth group or something (I wish I still had that pink jumpsuit, it was pretty awesome).
As a kid, dressed as Peggy Bundy, with Cat Girl, for a costume party.
For my retro themed party a few years ago.

Now, I have been planning a giveaway for the end of my Month of Costumes, but I haven't actually had time to put anything together. So, you are entering to win something unknown, but something is better than nothing, right? All you have to do is comment on this post to tell me what costume for the month was your favourite. You have a week to enter, and next Monday 7th November I will draw a winner. Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you via your comment.


Nikki Noo said...

It would be a very close tie between Steampunk (of course) and Harajuku girl :)

Kelly said...

I like them all but my fave is Dia de los Muertes (followed by Harajuku girl) I think you've done really well to think up all these - I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to costumes!

LatteJunkie said...

Steampunk for sure as it's my secret desire to wear clothes like that!

cathy@home said...

I realy thought the last costume was very good Dia de los Muertes

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

I liked the Princess Fiona, for it's originality.

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