Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 - Emily the Strange

This is one of my favourite characters, so I had to have a go at dressing up as her.
Another easy costume to put together:
- black wig (always handy to have).
- black dress
- white top
- white knee socks
- black shoes
Usually Emily would have black tights and white shoes, but I dont own white shoes so I switched it up a bit.


Sarah Rehua said...

Hi Thats awesome Thanks for sharing! Im in the process of making my own Emily The Strange outfit I had to re-jig mine too I dont have a white top so using black.No white shoes in my robe so wearing black. Im off to a manga/popculture expo tomorrow. I wasnt sure how to make myself look like something other than a 45 yr old woman dressed in black and just looking like an Italian widow!!! So Im sewing the 4 cats (that Emily has) around the edge of the dress I made.I also gave them red ribbons for a bit of colour. Im not much of a sewer so hoping it doesnt all fall to bits around my feet! Janette :)

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