Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25 - Harajuku Girl

From Wikipedia: The term "Harajuku Girls" has been used by English-language media to describe teenagers dressed in any fashion style who are in the area of Harajuku. This fashion infuses multiple looks and styles to create a unique form of dress. The cyber-punk look takes its influence from gothic fashion and incorporates neon and metallic colors.
For this costume, I basically just chose some random items from my wardrobe, that kinda coordinate in a crazy way. The blue wig I found at a thrift store and I love it. If I could get away with wearing this everyday, or dying my hair this colour, I totally would. In fact, many years ago when Hubby and I first met, I think my hair looked very close to this, but a bit darker blue.
One day I would love to walk down the streets of Harajuku, what an experience that would be. 
Yes I own a neon pink pleather belt, pink fishnet gloves and purple fishnet tights, doesn't everyone?


Sarah said...

Is that the belt from my 80's flat warming in Wellington???

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