Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 - Safari Hunter

I think this costume is quite funny, because safari hunting is something I would never ever do, in fact I don't even like the idea of it, so this is kind of making fun of the idea of it. Here I am hunting some elephants, so I can make an ivory necklace to go with my zebra hide shoes.
The hat, gun and binoculars are from a dollar store, the rest of it was out of my wardrobe (even the shoes). I bought this shirt from a thrift store a while ago, when I was trying to put together a costume for something else. But the shirt wasn't quite right, so I didn't end up wearing it. Of course I kept it just in case, and here you go, a perfect hunting shirt.

Today is my Little Man's 2nd birthday - Happy Birthday Little Man, mummy is so super proud of you, you are amazing, beautiful and you light up my life :)


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Kvan! Sorry I missed it. Did he get dressed up in Safari gear too? That would be super cute!

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