Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 - Minnie Mouse

Not very authentic, but still recognisable because of the accessories. I got the headband ages ago from a dollar store, another one of those 'just in case' purchases. The belt was also from a dollar store. The rest of it was stuff out of my wardrobe. I was thinking about adding face paint, but I thought it looked good just like this. Normally Minnie Mouse wears a red dress, but everyone owns a little black dress, right? Then all you need to add is a red belt, black heels, black tights, and the mouse ears headband. Easy peasy.


Anonymous said...

You're doing well Rhiannon, I'm loving your month of costumes - Karen

Miriam said...

You look so cute - what a fun way to pass a month! I look forward to seeing all the costumes. You're doing a great job

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