Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friends Swap Goodies

IMG_0046 Today I received a package in the mail from Lisa, a wonderful package of goodies put together for the FRIENDS swap. I sent my package to Lisa before we moved, long before the deadline, because I didn’t want it to get lost or forgotten about in the chaos that comes with moving, and I had almost forgotten that I was still waiting to receive one from her.

IMG_0048 F is for Felt – A felt rose brooch with vintage button, wrapped in a peice of felt, clipped together with a cute little heart peg.

IMG_0050R is for Red – A fat 1/4 of red polkadot fabric (LOVE), a little knitted stocking, red ribbon, ricrac and trim with more of the cute heart pegs, and a bag of vintage buttons and little flowers.

IMG_0051  I is for inspiration – A pattern including a patchwork bag, sewing machine pin cushion and lanyard, in Strawberry theme. I love it, and most definitely will be making one of the sewing machine pin cushions because I need one.

IMG_0052E is for Edible – YUMMO chocolates, it took a lot of willpower to take a photo of this before ripping in to it, because I had been working hard all morning and I was starving and this chocolate looked soooo good, and it was :)

IMG_0053N is for Needlecase – With a difference, this is a pin cushion with a little needlecase attached, what a great idea! And made from super cute fabric.

IMG_0055D is for Drinking Chocolate – Cherry flavoured, this stuff is AWESOME!! As someone who loves anything cherry flavoured, I believe this is going to be very addictive! And it includes recipes to make it into cocktails which sound deliciously dangerous.

IMG_0056   S is for Something Special – A purse containing some vintage goodies in my favourite colour.

All the things in the package were very thoughtful and just perfect. Thanks so much Lisa, it was great swapping with you.

BTW – I’m going to get my licence tomorrow, I’m super excited and trying really hard not to get nervous. I am confident that I will pass, and have already started planning all the things I am going to do next week now that I can drive :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magnetic Poetry

I am a collector, of many things, and I tend to go through phases, which are somewhat obsessive. A few years ago I went through a magnetic poetry phase/obsession/addiction. I have a lot of magnetic poetry sets, some of which are still permanently attached to my fridge, because the only way to get them off would be with some kind of scraping utensil, which would damage my fridge and I would rather look at a fridge covered in words than a fridge covered in scratches.

Unpacking is like uncovering hidden treasure, finding things that have been buried deep in storage for years. One of the things I found was a visual diary containing photos of some poems I created magnetically when I was going through that phase. I had completely forgotten about these poems, and don't even remember buying a visual diary specifically for this purpose, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time and I'm glad I did.

Some of them are a bit abstract, but the challenge is to create sense with limited words.

photo2 They journey into me

infinite minuscule mechanisms

possess the demented nectar

of serpent like heavens.


How we frolic across

moist ivory tracks

like a bold melody

stroll by the cobalt blossom

savour all the gorgeous hues

before it is time

for us to slumber

beneath tepid soil.


Observe a savage feline

dwelling on this fiery sun

devouring our icy liquid

orb earthward

to these vast blue visions

thus only here will you be adored.

photo3Ruby avenue

where birds soar

I went there

as a child

when my father was

a kind man

and mother would speak

of a humourous tale

and croon in her arid dialect.


Magnificent monkey

boogie rapidly

from above

my brilliant friend

I desire your vile mist

you foul beast

may I finally respect you.

photoDid she bloom

the fire goddess

child of the sun

sacred spirit

I kneel beside you

overwhelmed by your

sweet universe.

As you can see, I am having fun playing around with all the free photography apps I can get for my new iPod. This is my absolute favourite thing right now, this fantastically tiny device which can do everything my computer can do and more, while fitting nicely in my pocket. Hubby has an iPad, which he thinks is the best gadget ever, but I would like to see him try to fit it in his pocket!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A work in progress

This is what my new craft room looks like at the moment, so obviously not a lot of crafting is going on right now. It was looking semi-tidy yesterday until we decided to clear some space in the garage for the car. I had hopes of getting some things made to sell at the markets next month, since I will finally be able to drive myself there, but with all this stuff in the way, and so much other stuff in every other room in the house, it's going to be hard to find time for creating.

Now that I have a new iPod I can at least keep my blog up to date pretty easily :)