Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - Medusa

This started with the dress, which I have had for years, but I don't wear it anymore, because it's just not me anymore. Anyway, I found it in a box while looking for more costume ideas and thought I could use it for something. I found some green fabric in my stash, to drape from the shoulders. The belt was from a dollar store. The crown was in the dress up box, but it was blue, so I just painted it green with some acrylic paint. I had a mission finding plastic snakes, I must have gone to about 9 shops looking for them. I hot glued a whole bunch of snakes to the crown, in a kinda symmetrical arrangement. I also hot glued 3 snakes together and attached a safety pin, to pin the fabric to the shoulders of the dress.I had a big fabric snake, which I wrapped around my neck, and a couple of long snakes around my wrists as bracelets. I found heaps of cool make up videos on YouTube for doing Medusa make up - like this one and this one. But I didn't have the time to do anything too elaborate, and I didn't have a lot of green make up. Oh, and I am wearing another black wig, this one is more like a rock star mullet, but it looks ok with a crown of snakes added :)


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