Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea Party Success


Well, it's finally over, and it almost went off without any problems (almost). The party was great, the kids had fun having a playdough tea party, then the real thing. A few of the kids (mine was one of them) enjoyed pouring the Milo & milk and eating mini marshmallows more than anything else. The food was good and enjoyed by the parents more than the kids. The weather was even fine for long enough for some dancing in bubbles outside, and an impromptu adventure to find the end of the rainbow. After a while little princess was well and truly over it, having come down with some nasty bug the day before and not sleeping well, so after a couple of hours of excitement she had a fever and was exhausted.

I completely forgot to take photos pre-children, but I think the M.I.L did, so if there are some good ones there I might post them too. I didn't get a decent photo of the gorgeous bunting I made because the room was too dark when I took the photos. I want to put it up in little princesses bedroom permanently but other people in the house, who must remain nameless but are the only people who can reach high enough to hang it for me, do not like the idea so much. We will work on that.

All in all we are pretty happy with how it went, but will not be doing it again in a hurry. We/I have enforced a strict "every other year" birthday party rule, so the next one will be her fifth birthday. And little man will get them the years in between, so his will be for his 2nd birthday next year.

Her favourite gift this year: a bag of "rocks" which are actually different crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, onyx and others I can't think of the names of, 9 in total. She loves sorting them, saying the colours in English and Maori (and soon hopefully in Afrikaans) and "cooking" them. We bought some more for her with her birthday money, so now she has a total of 14, and I'm hoping to add to that when I remember where I stored my collection.
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Megan said...

sounds like a great party! we are doing the 'one year on one year off' party thing too- they are fun but a lot of work too!

Kelly said...

looks like you organised a fantastic birthday tea party! We had parties for Elijah at one and two but he specifically stated he didn't want one this year so we just had a family dinner. It's hard with his birthday being so close to Xmas. I'm sure Elijah would be happy with a bag of crystals too - might have to start looking out for some. I also had loads of crystals but with all the shifts we've had they seem to have disappeared.

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