Friday, June 18, 2010

My Precious…..

This is my precious (ignore the mess around her, in my excitement I didn’t really bother to tidy up, I just pushed everything aside to clear a space).

P6170018 Isn’t she beautiful. She has been living on my dining table since coming home with me on Wednesday. She has helped me make a few things so far.

P6170017Like this dress for the little princess, which is still in need of some embellishment, so we are going button shopping this afternoon (yippy yay button shopping!!!).

 P6170015 P6170014 And this little taggie blankie for little man (munch, drool, suck, he seems to enjoy it).

It also made a balloon ball, but I couldn’t take a photo because it was made by request at 11pm last night and taken to work first thing this morning. I will be required to make more of these in the near future. Many more. (they are pretty cool though).

I have cut out a whole lot of softies ready to be sewed (?? sewn ??), when I get a few moments of peace and quiet from my two sick children. And fish for three fishing sets, or maybe just one fishing set with lots of fish…..we will see.

Who knew sewing could be joyful (or maybe that's an exaggeration, maybe “less stressful” is a better description). I’m excited about all the possibilities now that I have a decent sewing machine.

By the way, in case you care, I just want to put it out there that this machine did not come from Spotlight, as it was supposed to. It had been almost three weeks, I had heard nothing about my online order, I emailed to enquire, still heard nothing, then hubby saw this great special in the Noel Leeming catalogue, I could get the same machine, plus a bonus label maker, for less than the one I had ordered through spotlight, and I could get it immediately! So I picked it up on Wednesday, sent spotlight an email to cancel my order and what do you know, later that day I get an email from spotlight to say they had allocated my order to the hamilton store and someone would be in contact with me soon. Well of course the next day someone rang to say they were ready to ship my order, and I said too late, and they didn’t seem to care so my opinion of spotlight has lessened considerably and I now understand why people refuse to shop there. I’m just putting it out there, so you know, for future reference.


Megan said...

cool dress and love the taggie, did you do that amazing embroidery on it? and what is a balloon ball??!!
have fun button shopping :)

Cook Clean Craft said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with piles of stuff around my sewing machine. I sew in my spare bedroom and the bed is covered in WIP and scraps of fabric that I never get around to sorting!

Cute projects so far - can't wait to see more. I despise my local Spotlight store, but still end up in there at least once a month!

Kelly said...

Spotlight can be a bit like that at times. They treated my sister so badly once she emailed to complain - a week later a voucher magically appeared in the mail! I haven't had any issues with my local Spotlight thankfully. And three weeks without contact - poor customer service on their part!

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