Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crochet Creations & W.I.P

I think I am getting better at crochet, and being able to follow patterns. Although I still have the problem of not being able to do anything too complicated because if I get distracted in the middle of a row/round, I forget where I’m up to and end up having to undo a whole lot and start again.

P6300020 Thanks to Megan of Simple Pleasures, who shared some very easy instructions with me, I have finally learnt to crochet flowers. They look cute when you layer a few together like this…


P6300022P6300023 Here is the brown and blue blanket I am making for little man, to go with the colour scheme I am planning to have in his room, when he gets one.

P6300025 This is the blanket I have been making for little princess. This started off as a little granny square that just kept getting bigger and bigger as I was practicing, so I figured I might as well keep going to make it into a blanket.

P6300027 A hat I made for myself. It’s not great, but it’s ok for a first attempt (and second and third, because I kept having to undo it and start again when it didn’t work out right), it’s wearable and it keeps my hideous hair covered. It’s embellished with a little crochet heart and a heart button.

P6300029 A hat I made for little princess. I haven’t even seen it on her yet, because she won’t let me try it on her, but hubby convinced her to try it on while I wasn’t around, and apparently it fits. She has a matching scarf that I finger knitted.

P6300028 Here it is modelled by little man, so you can see it actually is a hat not just a pile of fluff.

I have so many things I want to try to crochet now, but I figure I should really finish some of the things I have started first. I might sneak in a hat for little man though, because that’s pretty  quick to make, and if I don’t do it soon it will be too late (wishful thinking that winter will be over soon ;-{). I’ve found some blogs (Meet Me At MikesAttic 24, Carina’s Craftblog, Dottie Angel, Do you mind if I knit, just to name a few) with great crochet patterns, including basic ones that are even easy enough for me to follow.

crochet patterns Someone lent me some vintage crochet patterns that I can’t wait to try. It’s amazing what you can do with granny squares :)


Melissa said...

Oh lordy he looks so cute modeling that hat! ha!
I love it!I wanna pinch on them cheeks he is sooo cute!You are doing GREAT! I think it all looks wonderful! Wish I could do that. Can't wait to see the finished blankies!

Kelly said...

wow you're on a roll - the blue and brown blanket is going to look awesome. It's so nice that your kids will have something to cherish. I still have my crocheted blanket that I grew up with - there is just something so special about them which is why I snap them up when I see them at the op shops!

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Well done! Nice work... I like crocheting too... I am kind of an amateur, learnt the basics when I was a kid and sort of figure things out as I go along these days. I'm always unraveling and starting over but it's fun :o)

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