Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space

The heading should actually read “my creative mess”, because this is what it looks like

P6030001 I needed some buttons for a couple of projects I am working on, but I have been getting really frustrated with the state of my button collection recently. It used to be nicely organised by colour in several zip lock bags kept together in a drawer. But the collection has grown, and as I have added to it I have not been sorting, so it turned it to a huge mess of buttons which are half organised and half chaos.

P6030002P6030003 So I tipped them all out, intending to finally get them sorted and put away nicely so the perfect button can be found in a more timely manner. However, little man has decided to throw his routine out the window today, no decent nap times for me to work uninterrupted, so my buttons have been thrown in a drawer loose and unsorted and will have to wait for another day (or so). At least I won’t have to go through a million zip lock bags to find a button anymore, I will just have to sift through a trillion loose buttons (which is way more fun, I’m like scrooge mcduck swimming in his money).


I wish I had the space to have all my crafty items on display like this

DSCN0362 Maybe one day when (or if) we get to move into a bigger place.

This is one of the projects that required buttons:

latest A thrift store hat which needed a bit of embellishment. I added a couple of rolled fabric flowers, a lace flower with button centre and a few coordinating buttons, and now I have another awesome hat to cover my hideously overgrown, in desperate need of a cut and colour, housewife hairstyle.

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Ky said...

It is amazing how many people love to collect random buttons. My sister-in-law is a woman after your own heart.

Melissa said...

ohhh buttons! I love buttons. I used to play with the ones my mom saved when I was little.
You have a wonderful collection! I'm jealous!
I keep my favorites out in a pretty old bowl just to look at. Would love to get some vintage glass ones. Hope you can get them sorted soon!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Sorting through to find just the right one buttons is half the fun!! Love what you've done to that hat!

Jingle said...

Oh, I love sorting buttons! I know...that sounds weird, but I do! Your hat is cute!

Pam said...

Oh yes! One of life's joys is to go sifting through lots and lots of loose buttons!! :)) They're no fun in ziplock bags I'm sure! Much nicer and happier looking in bottles I think.
Loving your hat flowers! If you've made them, you're very clever. They are so pretty. :)

Diana said...

Buttons are so much fun. I have a jar --just one that I like to take down and sort through on days I'm not quite sure what I want to do.

Diane said...

I am envious of your lovely button collection!
Mine I keep stored in a drawer - not nearly as wonderful as yours :(

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