Sunday, June 20, 2010

Instant Fun

My Hubby gave me some chocolates this weekend, but with a catch… I had to make him some 'balloon balls' for his work. While I was at craft night this week, he rang and asked me a lot of random questions on how to use a sewing machine (as he couldn't be bothered reading the manual). He wanted to use my brand spanking new sewing machine that I have hardly used myself. Naturally everybody in my craft group and myself were panicking a little bit (someone was even suggesting that I rush home immediately before he creates too much damage). Thankfully by the time I came home he had given up on this, but this meant that I had to sew a project for him. Balloon Balls. Basically what you do is create a little material bag that you inflate a balloon into, which makes the balloon last longer, makes a really light ball that can be used inside or outside, and is compact so you can pop it into your handbag whenever you want instant fun with your children.

Here is how they turned out


The balloon balls are made from fabrics such as lycra, silky material, cotton (with ribbons) and polar fleece.


Anonymous said...

Cloth Ballon Balls are fun for young & old alike, compact enough to fit in your bag for instant fun entertainment anywhere, anytime!
There are a wide variety available to purchase on sites like 'trademe' and 'facebook' e.g. 'SimpleAs123' or 'Balloon Covers & More'to name a couple

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