Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This morning when I woke up I was on a mission, and determined not to let anything stop me. So when I realised that I had a wicked sore throat and the tell tale signs of THE FLU (This is probably because we took little man to the doctors yesterday and I played with the toys there because little princess insisted, doctors waiting room toys = germ infested time bombs), I was all the more determined to get the job done. I worked my butt off all morning making sure I was all set up and ready to start sewing as soon as little man went down for his morning nap. My sewing machine was co-operating, all was going well, I was churning out elephants and tissue holders and caterpillars and even a dress for the princess, and then the bad thing happened. The thing that ends my sewing forever (or at least until some miracle happens). It turns out I sewed so much my sewing machine caught on fire.

No kidding, it actually caught on fire. I paused for a few minutes to pin something, then pop, bang, crack, I look down and there’s smoke coming out of the pedal, lots of smoke. Thinking that singed is not a good look for the carpet in the middle of my lounge, I unplugged it as quick as I could and threw it outside (not the whole machine, just the power cord and pedal).

So, just as I was getting into sewing, really starting to enjoy it, and looking forward to another trip to funky junk to top up my fabric stash, its over. And I still have 5 and a half elephants to sew and countless other sewing projects on my to-do list.

Now, just on the off chance that some miracle does happen and I am in the market for a new sewing machine, I would like some advice. I’m not interested in the top of the range machines, I just want something small, basic and easy to use. Any suggestions?? Just in case you were wondering, my deceased machine is a Bernina Bernette 330 Which belonged to my mum for as long as I can remember.

A whole post without pictures, how boring! Ok, here’s a few things I made this morning. The caterpillars (which haven’t got their eyes sewed on yet) were made using this tutorial from one of my favourite bloggers, Disney from Ruffles and Stuff. The tissue holders, you can find about a million tutorials for online. The Elephants are yet to be turned and stuffed, so stay tuned for photos of them.



Kelly said...

awwwwwwwwwww that is sad! I wish I had a spare machine to send you so you could get sewing! But isn't that always the way! Love the caterpillars

Tara said...

If it's just the pedal, you can get that replaced for around $80. I needed a new one last year, but it just broke--no smoke!

No advice on a new machine from me--mine's a Bernina 830 that is about 40 years old!

Melissa said...

oh no....thats awful. I wish I could help in some way. poor you. But how scarey too! Yikes! Fire! scares me bad.
ON the happy side the caterpillers turned out adorable! I'm going to make some too *any excuse to eat a bag of chips ha*. They are sweet, your little one will LOVE them!
I use a singer 7442. Pretty basic, a few fancy stitches. Minimal cost.
Good luck!

LiEr said...

Rhiannon, just came over here tonight and read about your sewing machine! Poor you (and poor sewing machine)! I am so sorry. It's like losing an arm, I'm sure. And that it belonged to your mum is even sadder. I hope you find a good machine soon. I am useless at fancypants type sewing machines with all the gadgets and computerized whatsits. Mine is a bottom-of-the-line basic Pfaff. It has no fancy stitches at all. But I like it because it can sew through multiple layers of anything.

Poppyprint said...

OMG, I've never heard of a smoking foot pedal! Good thing you hadn't left the room for lunch elsewhere! I am always in favour of scrounging around on used listings for old model, solid state metal cased machines. They really are the work horses and seem to last forever. I bet it was the wiring in the pedal and as another comment said, you should be able to replace a Bernina dealer, they may have one in their stock room and you could be back in business tomorrow sewing elephants till the cows come home!

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