Thursday, May 20, 2010

My “first” Creative Space…

This is my first time linking up with My Creative Space over at Kootoyoo. Thursday is not usually a very creative day for me, it’s usually a catch up with housework, run errands, try to get things done that I can’t do with 2 kids kind of day.


But this morning while blog surfing I am also finger knitting, as in using my fingers as a loom. This is the latest obsession in my house, not just to me, but also to hubby, who has been whipping up a couple of scarves a night for the last couple of nights.


I had never heard of finger knitting before, but a couple of days ago I found this tutorial, and since then I haven’t been able to stop. This is one of those crafts I love, Cheap, Easy & Quick!

So instead of going crazy, tapping my fingers on the desk while I wait for pages to load because of my super slow internet, I can sit back and knit a scarf. Multi-tasking at it’s best.

By the way, this is the last day to enter my giveaway. There are already so many entries, I am shocked at the amount of followers I have ended up with because of this, and I am loving all the great comments I’ve been getting as a result!! I wish I could send everyone a basket of goodies, but then I would have nothing left in my house!


Little Ted Canvas said...

How clever is that! Your finger knitting is great, I must pop on to that tutorial & take a look...

Melissa said...

Love that orange!

Steph said...

Wow! They are awesome! And so cool that hubby is having a whirl too :) Hope you have a brilliant weekend :)

Alissa said...

How cool, love that hubby is getting involved too. I remember finger knitting is a teenager, but wouldn't remember how to do it- perhaps I should give it a try again.
From Alissa @

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