Monday, May 24, 2010

Flea Market Finds from a Crafty Weekend Trip

I’ve found that time just keeps flying by lately and I feel like I am so far behind on EVERYTHING!! Including blogging. So this post is all about what came out of my crafting weekend away.

P5240489 On the Saturday morning we headed into Waihi to check out the local market and some of the shops. At the market I picked up a jar of gorgeous vintage buttons (not a full jar unfortunately), a turquoise doily, a tiny little house and the Snoopy & Woodstock salt & pepper shakers pictured here. I also got a vintage pillow case, but I can’t find it, so there’s no photo of it yet. I still haven’t unpacked and that was over a week ago. Waihi Beach had the cheapest little op shop I’ve ever come across, I wish I could go back there every week. From there I got a super warm & cuddly cardi, a little sugar bowl missing it’s lid and 2 sets of vintage earrings (which are in the photo above, the white with gold rims and pearly grey with gold rims).

So, what did I do with all my child free crafting time?? Well, it turns out with shopping and eating and chatting there wasn’t a whole lot of crafting time, but I did manage to finish a few hand sewn projects.



A couple of lavender scented hearts.

P5240491 And a couple of lavender scented birds. The top one is filled with rice and is meant to sit on a windowsill, but its a bit wonky so it doesn’t really sit right.

It was a great little mini holiday, and so nice to spend time with other crafty mums without little interruptions.

This week’s obsession…….Elephants.

P5240500 I made these two in the weekend. The little one is just so cute, so I will be making a bigger one with the same fabric.

P5240503 So I have been cutting out more in preparation for spending a day in front of the sewing machine. The one that turns out the best will be a birthday present for a little friend who turns three the week before my daughter, along with a pink and purple finger knitted scarf, and maybe something else if I can think of something else to make.

All fabric used in the making of these things was either a thrift store find or a funky junk find. I am finally using up some of my fabric stash, just in time for a visit to funky junk on Thursday to stock up again!

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Kelly said...

hehe we used to go to the Waihi Beach op shop weekly - sometimes even twice a week. My Aunty works at the pharmacy there.

I love your little green bird - and the elephants are cool. I tried to make an elephant once - didn't look much like an elephant though lol

Little Ted Canvas said...

What a great weekend. Love your little birds...

Laura said...

Yeah!! I love the elephants, so cute. Hi from Alaska :)

sue said...

Sounds like a fun week-end and finding a super cheap thrift store is getting harder and harder these days!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

crafting or chatting ... on a weekend away. it's a hard decision and you sure look as though you had fun.
My Flea Market Find

Jingle said...

It looks like you got some wonderful treasures! I posted mine today, too! LOL! Those elephants are fabulous!

Cheryl said...

Those elephants & birds are adorable!! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!

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