Monday, May 10, 2010


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The magic number, well, my magic number anyway. So this is my eighteenth post, and what better time to announce that my first giveaway will happen when I reach 18 followers. When I first started thinking about having a giveaway I had that number in mind, but I thought it would take ages for me to get to 18 followers. Well, today I’m up to 12, and most of those are only from the last 2 weeks, so if all goes well I am hoping to get to 18 by the end of May. Here’s an idea of what will be included in the giveaway:

* A little bit of vintage - some buttons and a couple of doilies or something like that.

* A little bit of handmade – this will include at least 1 item of jewellery, one of my altered coasters or placemats, a set of gift cards and anything else I can find stashed away in my craft closet.

* A few little extras – a little notebook set, chocolate (of course) and anything else that I find that is appropriately cute and important to any crafter.

I will get everything together and post photos later this week hopefully. So watch this space if you want to see what you could be in to win.


Melissa said...

Hi, your giveaway is a fun one! Can't wait for the end of May! And you have a great blog, it won't take long for you at all to get 18 followers! Your little ones are just precious, sweet as they can be, your little man has cheeks you just want to smooch all over! Have a good monday!

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