Sunday, May 8, 2011

A new feature

If you are reading this on my actual blog page (not from reader or a mobile device), you will see a new button over there at the top of my sidebar

My hubby has been busy all afternoon creating an online shop where I can sell the things I create. I have had very little success selling on Felt, and while I think it's a fantastic site, and I know they have to make money from it somehow, I get extremely frustrated when my listings expire and I have to keep paying to relist them. For the amount of sales I actually make, and the prices I try to keep as low as possible, I end up losing money if I relist over and over again. I want to make it clear that I am not doing this to make money (although a little bit of pocket money to fund my crafting addiction is always good), I am only selling my creations because there just isn't enough space in my house for all the things I make, but I can't stop making things.

So the idea of the new shop is that the things will always be listed there, but it won't cost me anything to have them there, meaning I can keep my prices down. It also means I can have sales, special codes and things much easier. The new shop is still a work in progress, it will keep changing as we find better ways of doing things. I would love your feedback about the shop, do you like it, hate it, have any suggestions to change it, have any issues viewing or navigating through it? I'm still not totally happy with my prices either, but it's hard to find a middle ground between so expensive no-one will want to buy anything and so cheap people will think it's crap. If you have any advice about how you price things I would appreciate that as well.

Please please please go check out my new shop now, then come back and give me your thoughts.

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