Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest Creations

So I've been a bit slack with my new years resolutions, but things have only just started getting back to normal in my household, so the year is just starting.

This brooch was made by crocheting a flower the same way I normally do, using the pattern from Attic24, but with a huge crochet hook and some string/twine I found in the hardware section of my local dollar store. Then I added a piece of doily and a vintage button. I love it. I included my hand in the photo so you get an idea of the size, it's pretty big.

I usually make cards for people, but then thinking about them throwing away my creations a few days later makes me cringe, so I thought I would try tags instead, and hopefully people will be more likely to reuse or display them, because they are a mini work of art. It could turn out to be just as pointless as fancy cards, but it was fun making them. I almost like them too much to give away.

Speaking of giveaway, I've been thinking about it for a while, and what better occasion for a giveaway than valentines day. It's gonna be a surprise package (because I haven't decided what's going in it yet) but I can guarantee it'll be good. There will be jewellery, some tags, some chocolate, and any extra goodies I can find. I'm only going to be able to post within NZ because I can't afford huge shipping costs at the moment, so if you live in NZ or know someone here who would appreciate a special package for valentines day, leave a comment on this post. Giveaway will be drawn on the morning of the 9th of Feb, so I can post it out in time for it to hopefully arrive on valentines day.
Note: you don't have to be a follower or become one, but if you would like to, please feel free :)

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Nikki Noo said...

Ooh me first me first!!

Nikki Noo said...

Woo hoo it's still only me :) (Ok so you might not think that's great, but I do!)

Mummyzilla said...

I'd love to win such a lovely package (sorry Nikki Noo)

Leonie said...

id love to win it too, and Im pleased Im living back in NZ now so I can enter :).. gorgeous package.

LatteJunkie said...

Oh, I'd like to share the love with some friends who have had a rough few weeks... So Pick me :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hi rhiannon
just checking to find out whether i used the right address to send you a little something? is it my impression, or have you recently moved?
nadine (belgium)

Toru said...

Just came across your very cool blog!
I understand about the making cards thing - I often want to and then think I'd be better off not using my time (and heart) on something that I think many of the recipients will not fully value. I keep special cards from people - i leave them on display, but I know not everyone else does. I think tags are a great idea - probably much more will be spared the bin a week later! I hope so anyway, they look beautiful.

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