Monday, February 7, 2011

Giveaway Package Revealed

My Valentines Day giveaway is closing on Wednesday morning, so if you want to enter you need to comment on my last post. This picture shows what I have found to put in the package so far. I'm still adding things as I find them/think of them/make them. Everything in there so far is handmade by me. I'm also planning to include something for the little ones, depending on who wins of course.

I've just had the most amazing weekend camping trip with the in-laws. We didn't go far, just to papamoa, but the camping ground was great, the weather was awesome and the kids really enjoyed it. Little man got to have his first beach visit, which didn't really go well, but the rest of us had fun swimming and digging for pipis. I wish we could do it every weekend, but that might have to wait until little man is a bit older and not putting everything he gets his hands on into his mouth. So, if you are looking for somewhere to take the family camping, I highly recommend Pacific Park Christian Holiday Camp in Papamoa.

They have trampolines, a miniputt course, an awesome playground, a hotpool, shops right next door and the beach just across the road. Plus, the ladies toilet block has a pretty decent sized bath for bathing kids under the age of 6, which was very handy.
(please note: I am not religious at all, you do not have to be Christian to stay here, or do anything even remotely religious during your stay, except stick to their rules of no alcohol or smoking in the grounds.)

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Leonie said...

wow, that place looks awesome, Im definately going to add it to my list of places to visit.

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