Saturday, January 15, 2011

To Market, To Market....

This is something I have been wanting to do for ages, I have been planning, preparing and stocking up for months. Finally I have found some spare time and a suitable place to give it a go, to see how it goes.

So today I am attempting to sell my handmade bits and pieces at a local Market. A few years ago, before Little Man was born, I tried selling my jewellery at some of the local markets. It went ok, not great, but I did manage to sell a few things each time, and at a pre-Xmas Market I sold quite a lot. This time it is that much easier because I can drive myself.

Well, it wasn't a very successful day, not a lot of people, and not a lot of spenders, but it was fun, and I will keep trying, when I get time.

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Notchka said...

I'm sorry you didn't make many sales, but I really admire your spirit and tenacity - keep going girl!

Megan said...

what market did you go to Rhiannon? your soft toys looks gorgeous

Vintage Mum said...

Hi Rhiannon - looks like a great little stall you had - sorry there weren't many sales BUT I have a friend who is interested in a fishing set, her daughter absolutely loved Elijah's (which has had so much use!) so I'll be directing her to your blog :)

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