Monday, April 12, 2010

Some semi-interesting stuff

Simple Pleasures is one of the blogs I follow, she is a local crafter who is awesome and we have very similar interests etc. Anyway, she's having a giveaway of some cute things she has made and collected. Fingers crossed for me, I would love to win this stuff.

We went to the library in the weekend. I love books, so therefore I LOVE libraries. All you can read about anything you like, completely free (if you remember to return them on time, which I don't). Here is the pile of books I came home with.

This is not a lot of books by my standards, but I had G-man standing there complaining (even though he promised he wouldn't) so this is all I could get. Please note: The Queer eye for the straight guy book was chosen by G-man, not me, and I have a feeling he will not even look at it.

I gave the 2nd sock chicken a face in the weekend, but gave it away to my niece so didn't get a photo. I just wanted anyone who might be worried about a poor faceless chicken to know that she has a face and now a loving home and someone to cuddle.

So many things to create, so little time....


Megan said...

hi rhiannon, thanks for the link, your pile of books looks very similar to mine! good luck in the draw :)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting pile of books! I'm glad I discovered your blog....your children are adorable. by the way, thanks for entering my blog giveaway. Your comment has been published....I was having tech difficulties earlier. I'm so sorry if it caused any frustration. Have a wonderful weekend!

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