Monday, April 19, 2010

Proud Mummy Moments



Today my little man rolled over onto his tummy by himself for the first time. This was a super-duper proud moment for me, and I was probably way more excited about it than most mums would be. That is because my little man has downs syndrome, which is not overly obvious and sometimes it can be easy to forget because he is such an awesome baby. So, we know that development can be slower and milestones can happen later, and we try to stay somewhere in the realm between hopeful that he will reach those milestones at a fairly reasonable rate and getting our hopes up too much. At six months + 5 days old, I am really proud of my little man’s progress, because he just continues to amaze me with his awesomeness. And to top it all off, (coincidentally or not) he said “mama” very clearly today. I am just overflowing with pride and love!!


Chatterbox said...

That was such a lovely post to read. I hope to meet your little man one day.

Kelly said...

I've only just found this post - well done little man. I would never have guessed he was a Downs Syndrome baby - we were told to expect Elijah to reach milestones later (due to his birth) but they can be determined these boys and will always surprise you. You have every right to be proud!

FlyAwayHome said...

Isn't he just adorable. I too have a special needs child. She is mentally retarded and blind. She is now 36 years old, living with me and is the highlight of my life. I can still remember her first step.... she was 5 years old and I was soooooo proud! You have no idea yet how much more joy he will bring to your life in the following years.

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