Friday, April 23, 2010

Funky Junk Friday


Imagine a huge room, full of objects discarded by people, fabric off cuts, half finished sewing projects, patterns, books, boxes, jars, tins, containers…… And it’s all free. This is the wonder that is “Funky Junk”. This is a place here in Tauranga where people can leave their unwanted “junk” and a place where others can find treasures. So every Thursday night I go to a craft night, which is right across from Funky Junk, and since I started going I have collected some great Junque. This is just like thrifting, only free, which is awesome.


These are some of my recent finds:

3 wooden lamp bases, which have had the wiring etc removed – these will probably be painted, and I have plans to possibly try to make one into the stand for a dress form (decorative).

A bunch of doilies – I just love doilies, one of the reasons I want to learn to crochet is so I can make them myself old-school style.

A metal “thing” which I think is some sort of pot stand – also needs a paint job and a little glass bowl or something to sit in it to hold crafty stuff like buttons (one day when I actually have space to display such things).

A cute little yellow glass bottle – just cause its cute.

Some retro little wooden dipping bowls – I have a set of salad bowls, chip bowls and salad servers to match.

A vintage blue tin with a gorgeous pattern on it – it’s gorgeous, what more do I need to say.

A little ceramic book thing – I want to paint it white, line the bottom with a bit of felt and make it a ring holder.

A metal candlestick – also needs a paint job, I can see the potential in anything.

The blue/green fabric under the lamps is a table runner (I think, at least that's what I plan to use it for), the other retro printed fabrics are placemats or napkins I think.

P4190472 A cute little hand mirror with a floral design on the back.

A porcelain door knob (I know, that's pretty random) with a really cute floral design.

Little metal tins – there’s only a couple pictured, but I have quite a collection now, they will be altered and given as little gifts at some stage.

A lampshade form – again, potential.

A metal teapot – ummm, yeah, I’m just a bit obsessed with teapots and teacups at the moment, because of the party I am planning. I have found MANY teapots and teacups in funky junk, but they have been put away with the rest of the party stuff.

A whole bunch of wooden placemats – because you can never have too many ;-)

A basket – just because I liked the shape of it.

And more retro printed stuff and some other sewing related bits and pieces.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so I'm gonna try to make it a regular thing – Funky Junk Friday.

Linking up to Sophie's Flea Market Finds and Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures.


Steph said...

What a brilliant concept...and look at all your goodies. You lucky duck :)

Tracey said...

fab fabrics there, what a great haul!

Nick and Lou said...

I wept as I read you were in New Zealand. What luck. Great finds. xxNick

handmadehappiness said...

what a fab load of find's you are good!!!!!

if you want to learn crochet i have just started to refresh myself after a few years away!!!!!! i have found these to be mega helpful :)

and if you have time here are some of my find's! you can see some of my attempts at crochet there too!!!!

Tracey said...

FREE? Wow, that a lovely shop that is. Makes me smile :)

Jennie said...

sounds great!!!
I love the wood lamp bases and those fabrics are wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

wow what a booty..i love funky junk!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! I'd love to have that near me. You've got some great finds there :)

Renee said...

Wow! That's huge and all free!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Free is GOOD! I don't even know if there are any places like that where I live. Hmmmm. You found some great stuff. BTW, my 9 year old daughter's name is Rhiannon. :)

♥♥♥ w o o l f ♥♥♥ said...

you live in an amazing corner of the world!

Sherrie said...

Fabulous and for free. I am drooling over the retro fabric. I can think of such possibilities.

Kelly said...

omg! I'm super jealous of that haul. I have never heard of Funky Junk before but sounds like a great idea

Stella said...

Oh my, suddenly I feel a desperate desire to make a trip to Tauranga and visit that place! Wow! And I must say, I have fallen absolutely in love with that beautiful baby blue tin... Wow, to die for!

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