Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Swaps on the go

I’m way behind in showing these, because they arrived over a week ago, but the family were on holiday last week, so I didn’t get a lot of spare time.


Firstly, the brooch I received from Sharon for the Brooch Swap. She made it using transfer paper to transfer one of her drawings onto fabric. I love that it is unique and literally wearable art. She does some absolutely gorgeous drawings, they inspire me to want to start drawing again, but I think that is something that will have to wait until I’ve got a bit more time. I will always be an artist at heart (it’s the only thing I am qualified to be), but crafting is my passion/addiction.

The brooch came wrapped in that gorgeous piece of fabric, it’s small, but I’m sure i can find a use for it. Maybe I can make it into another brooch.




The other package I received was the Thrifty Tin swap package from Cat.

Inside this Jack Daniels tin were 4 little gifts, and tied to those gifts were the most gorgeous tags. Is it bad that my most favourite part of a gift are the tags and packaging? That's not saying that the gifts inside weren’t fabulous, but I really love these tags!



One of the gifts was this little pouch made with thrifted materials and containing thrifted crafty items: buttons, button cards & lace. I can never get enough of those things!


The next gift was this knitted wash cloth with a handmade soap. This gift made the whole package smell delightful. The wash cloth is made from some super soft cotton, it’s going to be a real treat to use it.


The other gift was this pocket tissue holder, made from a vintage sheet, a vintage pillowcase and vintage lace. That's a whole lot of vintage in one little package, yum.


And the last gift was the sweet component of the package, and I thought it was pretty clever to even include “vintage” sweets. Made with grandpa’s recipe, so they must be vintage, right?

I still haven’t given my thrifty tin package to my partner, but I will be seeing her on Thursday, so I will be able to show it to you on Friday. I keep adding to the package, because it just feels like it needs something else, so now it is quite overflowing with goodies. But there are still 2 days until I give it away, so maybe more will be added.


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