Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few woodland creatures, and a brooch


I saw this owl pattern in a book I had out from the library, Sewing Bits and Pieces – Sandi Henderson. This book is full of so many lovely projects, using scraps of fabric. I will be adding this to my “would love to own” list of books.


When I saw this project I knew I had to make it. It’s a fairly easy project, and didn’t take much more than an hour to make, using some bits of fabric out of my scrap bin. But the finished Owl is so cute and full of personality. I wasn’t going to embellish the neck at all, I didn’t really like the idea of adding a billion feathers with french knots. But then I had a bit of an accident when cutting the curves before turning her right side out, and a bit of emergency surgery was required to put her back together, so she had several stitches that needed to be covered discretely. I sewed on some vintage flower trim and crocheted a little flower to complete it.


The pattern in the book also included an alternative to the owl, a bunny, so I had to try that as well.


I made the bunny yesterday while little princess was at home, because she saw the owl and wanted one. I told her I was making a bunny next, so maybe she would like that instead. Of course she insisted I make it right away, but when I finished it she said she actually wanted an owl, but in the same fabric as the bunny. Yup, my four year old sure knows what she wants, and can be very adamant. So we compromised, because I didn’t have a lot of time left and didn’t want to have to cut all those pieces out again. I kind of made up a pattern for a new owl, taking ideas from different pictures of owl softies online, trying to make it as quick and easy as possible, and the finished result is actually really cute.


So now I have a family of woodland creatures living in my craft room.


Doesn’t it kinda look like the owl and the bunny have a love child? I was going to give either the bunny or the owl as part of my thrifty tin package, but I wasn’t too sure about which one, and the advice given by hubby was less than helpful, so I decided not to give either. I really need someone else here to give a second opinion about crafty things when I need one, anyone want that job? Hubby is not at all qualified for the position. The minimum requirements for the position would be: hours and hours spent researching crafty things online, the ability to look at things objectively and from another persons point of view, a willingness to give useful advice and constructive criticism, and a love and appreciation of vintage/retro things. He lacks all of these qualities, making him completely useless in the second opinion on crafty things position.

Another thing I made yesterday was a new brooch.


Using this tutorial, which is in Finnish but can be translated if you have a browser that does that. The crochet pattern was a bit hard to understand, because a lot was lost in translation, but I managed to figure it out, and it’s really quite easy and makes a gorgeous rosette brooch.


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