Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some things I've been working on

New Years resolution #1 - finish organising my craft room so it's usable.
New Years resolution #2 - get back into blogging regularly and be a better blogger.

So I'm trying out a new way of blogging, to try to make it easier, using blogpress on my iPod. As a test run, here are some photos of things I have been making lately, and some thifty finds.

Canvas set made for mum for Xmas, it's a bit hard to see in the photo but they say Create, Play, Be.

Fabric covered bead necklaces. I made a few more of these as Xmas gifts, but didn't take photos (bad blogger!!).

Pairs of retro wooden tile earrings.

And a major thrift store score, a cotton reel holder for 10 cents.

A candlewick bedspread for $2.

And a glass jar with fancy lid for $2. Also the doily in the necklace & earring photos for $1.

I'm still about a month behind in reading all the blog posts from blogs I follow, and it's impossible to catch up. I think I follow too many blogs, but I can't stand to give any of them up, because they are all so great. Everyone should take a months blogging break so I can catch up.


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Megan said...

what a great score with that cotton reel holder! i'm re-organising my craft space at the moment too, loving it! it got a bit crazy towards the end of the year! hope you had a lovely christmas :)

Leonie said...

oooo love the cotton reel holder - bargain!!!
Im packing up my crafting space for our move back to NZ--- its very hard as I need to purge and cant seem to do that with my craft

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh cotton reels are so cool! I know what you mean about catching up! Overwhelming at times...

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