Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Christmas Crafting

So sorry for my absence, my poor blog has been thoroughly neglected. The combination of moving, getting my license and general life has meant that I haven’t been home so much, and when I am home I am busy doing housewifey things.

In between all that I have been making things to sell at the markets and making Christmas decorations. They are not very traditional Christmas decorations, but they are my idea of more realistic themes for our family. I was inspired by the turquoise fabric I got from Sheila as part of the colour swap, and some fabric I found in the offcuts basket at the greerton sewing centre, as well as some gorgeous scented hearts that Nin sent me, just because she read that I like turquoise (how sweet is that???).

PB290097 These are the hearts I received from Nin, smelling of jasmine and white tea. They are both the same, but this photo shows both sides, and I like both sides equally so I couldn’t decide which one to show.

PB290100 So I wanted to make some more hearts to go with them, mine turned out a bit bigger, but I’m happy with them.

PB290092 Then I made some peg fairies using the same colours, turquoise, white and blue. They were originally angels, but angels are a bit too religious for my liking, so I prefer to call these fairies.

PB290089 Using the same fabric I made some little t-shirts with mini wire coat hangers, which were inspired by some we saw in a gorgeous shop in waihi, while on our craft weekend recently. Waihi has some great arty/crafty/gifty shops, very inspiring.

PB290104 And I also made some pears, using a pattern copied from one of the Tone Finnanger books, I think it was Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle, but it was a while ago and it’s been in my to do file for about 6 months. I’m glad I finally did it, they are really easy to make and so cute.

PB290106 Here it is all on the tree, plus some other decorations from past years that go with the colour theme. Now that I see it in the photo I can see that the tree is a bit bottom heavy, this is due to little princess insisting on “helping” to decorate the tree.

The thing I love most about the decorations I made is that they are not really christmassy, so I can keep them out all year round even after the tree has been put away.


Vintage Mum said...

ohhh you have been busy - I love your turquoise theme for Xmas. I have mostly last years decorations - more a child theme but I thought I'd make some bunting from sheets if I manage to find time. Love the pears - very cute!

Jingle said...

These are all so wonderful! The pears are my favorite!!!

Nikki Noo said...

Love the little tshirts, and love the turquoise!!! You've been very busy

Anonymous said...

Your blog is gorgeous... I particularly love the background :)

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