Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friends Swap Goodies

IMG_0046 Today I received a package in the mail from Lisa, a wonderful package of goodies put together for the FRIENDS swap. I sent my package to Lisa before we moved, long before the deadline, because I didn’t want it to get lost or forgotten about in the chaos that comes with moving, and I had almost forgotten that I was still waiting to receive one from her.

IMG_0048 F is for Felt – A felt rose brooch with vintage button, wrapped in a peice of felt, clipped together with a cute little heart peg.

IMG_0050R is for Red – A fat 1/4 of red polkadot fabric (LOVE), a little knitted stocking, red ribbon, ricrac and trim with more of the cute heart pegs, and a bag of vintage buttons and little flowers.

IMG_0051  I is for inspiration – A pattern including a patchwork bag, sewing machine pin cushion and lanyard, in Strawberry theme. I love it, and most definitely will be making one of the sewing machine pin cushions because I need one.

IMG_0052E is for Edible – YUMMO chocolates, it took a lot of willpower to take a photo of this before ripping in to it, because I had been working hard all morning and I was starving and this chocolate looked soooo good, and it was :)

IMG_0053N is for Needlecase – With a difference, this is a pin cushion with a little needlecase attached, what a great idea! And made from super cute fabric.

IMG_0055D is for Drinking Chocolate – Cherry flavoured, this stuff is AWESOME!! As someone who loves anything cherry flavoured, I believe this is going to be very addictive! And it includes recipes to make it into cocktails which sound deliciously dangerous.

IMG_0056   S is for Something Special – A purse containing some vintage goodies in my favourite colour.

All the things in the package were very thoughtful and just perfect. Thanks so much Lisa, it was great swapping with you.

BTW – I’m going to get my licence tomorrow, I’m super excited and trying really hard not to get nervous. I am confident that I will pass, and have already started planning all the things I am going to do next week now that I can drive :)


Megan said...

what lovely goodies, all the best with the test tomorrow!

Kelly said...

ohhh good luck with your licence! Nice package (I also loved the one you sent) I haven't heard from my partner in a while - I sent her package nearly two weeks ago so I'm assuming it should have arrived already.

PS - especially love the pin cushion with needlecase - very clever!

Lisa said...

What a lovely post.. thank you. I really wanted this swap to be a special one for you. I really appreciate your efforts for me.. I just loved everything you sent. Thank you.
I didnt even know that you like cherry!! The Needlecase with a difference is one of my patterns I made up a while back... Im sure glad you like it, the red ric rac is vintage ric rac :0) As for all the vintage things, I felt abit bad giving you secondhand things but I knew that you liked vintage..also I knew that you like Turquoise blue :0)
All the best for tomorrow, Im sure you will pass with flying colours! Lisa

Notchka said...

Having a driving license is freedom best of luck for tomorrow. LOVE the Owl fabric on the needlecase

Vintage Mum said...

Just checking in to see how things are going - haven't seen a post in a while so hoping you are all fine and enjoying the new found freedom that comes with a licence!

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