Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Look at me procrastinating again. But today I had to go into town to post a few parcels and do a few things, and I needed a bag to carry some things. Well, I could not find a single bag in my house, which is ridiculous, because I must own about a billion bags of all shapes and sizes, but I guess they are all packed or in storage. So I was thinking to myself that I must be able to use one of my million vintage pillowcases to make a simple shopping bag, and I decided to do a google search for a tutorial. An hour later and I couldn't find anything that looked how I pictured it in my head, or a tutorial easy enough for my very distracted mind to follow, so I decided to wing it. I am absolutely and totally happy with how it turned out, even though my boxed corners are a bit wonky. For a first attempt at making a bag of any kind, I think it's pretty awesome, and I am thinking that many more will be made in the not too distant future, maybe one to match each outfit. I love a project that is easy, quick and cheap, and this was all of those things, as well as extremely useful!!
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