Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuff and Things, bla bla bla

I’m really not keeping up with the blogging thing very well, am I? I do try, I almost always remember to take photos of things before they get sent away/given away/stolen by small people, but those photos don’t always make it into blog land. So here is a bit of a catch-up with a bit of randomness thrown in.

P8310077 This was part 2 of my “here comes the sun” parcel, which was sent off yesterday.

P8260072Some bug softies made for the babies at daycare, because that's their theme at the moment. I have more of these ready to sew up, I just haven’t had the time. These three (ladybug, butterfly, bumble bee) have cellophane inside them so they make crinkly noises when squeezed. Unfortunately I sewed the ladybugs wings on crooked, but since they are just for babies, I didn’t think it mattered. If I had been paid to make them then I would have been a bit more worried, but they are just something that I thought would be fun to make, and there is only so many softies I can handle in my house.

P9010088These are my new sunglasses, which I had to buy in the weekend because I left mine at home and I can’t go a whole weekend without sunglasses. I just love them, and they were only $3.90.

P9010090Cute stickers also bought in the weekend, not that I need them or have any idea what I’ll use them for, but they were too cute to leave behind.

Yesterday I did something shocking…..I started knitting!!! I can’t tell you what, because it’s for one of my swap partners. But I can’t believe how easy it is, when all those years ago I struggled and never felt like knitting was my thing, to just pick up the needles and remember how to do it like it was only yesterday. I guess knitting is like riding a bike. Only problem is, because I never actually finished knitting anything, I have no idea how to finish it. Is it called casting off? I think I will have to do a bit of Google research to try to figure it out. 

At the moment most of the things I make are for swaps, so I can’t show them on my blog or it will ruin the surprise. One swap down, One almost finished, one just barely started but just about completely thought out. What I wouldn't give to have a spotlight close by!!


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