Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pretty Packages

This week has been a super special snail mail week. On Wednesday I received a package from Leonie, which contained the giveaway I won on her blog a few weeks ago. Then this morning I received my vintage baby swap goodies from Kelly.

Leonie’s package contained an awesome pouch, which fits my camera perfectly, great timing because I have lost (or little hands have stolen) my camera case. Everyone else thinks it’s awesome too, because it is also the perfect size for an iPhone/iPod touch, and both my mum and hubby want one. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of it before it went missing (suspiciously), but you can go here to see it along with the other goodies – the delicious Aussie Mentos (why do they get the best flavours?? Apple and Pineapple = YUM!!), and the red & white polka dot note hanger (which I haven’t had the chance to hang yet but I have the perfect spot right over my desk.

Kelly’s package contained a gorgeous little handmade dolls quilt and pillow set made from vintage sheets

P7240042P7240043Which got put straight to use as soon as little princess got home, to put her baby to sleep.

Also included was some little handmade bunting, also made from vintage sheets

P7240047Which looks so cute hanging above little man’s cot, the colours are perfect because, although I hadn’t even realised, blue and green are kinda the colours of his bed area (which is just one little wall in our room, sadly).

And these will be added to Yuna’s toy bag for our road trip tomorrow

P7240044    More vintage sheet goodness, in beanbag form, but actually they are ricebags, so can be heated in the microwave and used for keeping little fingers and toes warm :)

Also included was a pile of vintage books, including a pattern book for children’s classics illustrations in counted cross stitch, which is not something I’ve ever tried, but now that I have the book I will have to.  And all this was wrapped in a piece of vintage sheet as well, perfect.

So a big thanks goes out to these wonderful bloggers, for their very thoughtful and beautifully handmade goodies!!!

We are off on a little road trip down to Napier tomorrow, to visit some family, a spotlight, and maybe a cute little coffee shop or two. Little man’s first road trip, but he has been on a three hour flight, so I don’t think this will be too difficult because at least we can stop and get out if need be.

Catch you in a couple of days, don’t do anything crazy or too exciting while I’m gone!


Kelly said...

aww I'm so glad your little girl likes the quilt & pillow - I had a feeling she might. And the bunting flags look great there

Stella said...

looks super lovely! :-)

m.e (Cathie) said...

definitely some pretty packages!
love, LOVE the bunting.

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