Sunday, July 4, 2010

Funky Junk Finds

So after a very long period of not being able to get into funky junk I finally got in on Thursday, and I totally made up for all the times I missed out. Just in case you haven’t read previous posts about funky junk, this is a place where people can take their stuff that they don’t want anymore, like they would normally take it to a thrift store or dump it. Then you can become a member for a small annual fee, or if you belong to a group that has a membership like I do, it is free. Yes, everything I bring home from funky junk was free of charge. So lets see what I found this time shall we.

P7040023A few little items to add to my shelf display. These two cute little birds were at the bottom of a box of wrapping paper and random bits of cardboard and packaging, one of them has a broken tail, but if I turn it just right it’s not noticeable and they fit perfectly with my theme. The little elephant in an egg also had a mummy elephant but she was a bit too damaged, so now the little egg has been adopted by the birdies. I have started a new collection, so far I have 2 wooden thread spools, one of them I found in funky junk, the other one I already had, so I’ll have to hurry up and use more thread so I’ll have more to add to them.

P7040020More vintage pattern books, and a couple of crafty books. I just can’t believe what some people consider junk, that antique style book is in perfect condition, and while possibly being very 90’s, which is not exactly the in thing right now, does antique style ever really go out of style?

P7040024 A silver (??) hairbrush. Pretty things are nice to have. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I had to have it.

P7040027A set of seat cushion covers, which I will one day make into floor cushions probably. The top one is filled with fabric and random bits and pieces.  One of the things I have found a lot of at funky junk is rejected thrift shop stuff, like doilies, tablecloths, placemats etc that are slightly damaged.

P7040028Like these little itty bitty doilies that I can see being made into brooches (it’s hard to tell from the photo how small they are, so they are about 5cm/2 inches in diameter). I’d like to try dying them too, because I have seen great results online from people dying doilies bright colours.

I’ve already started cutting out more fish for fishing sets that have been requested. And today we went hardware store shopping for “rods”.

On a totally unrelated subject (well slightly related because it’s all in the name of craft) my M.I.L gets a fantastic magazine sent to her each month from South Africa called Idees. The whole thing is in Afrikaans, and I can only kinda read it, but not being one to follow directions anyway I love looking through it to get ideas, so I can see why it has that name. She was showing me the latest issue tonight, and it shows how to make the most gorgeous quilt I’ve ever seen, and I think I must make one. Right now. well, not right now, but as soon as possible. This is the only picture I could find on the website, see the puff pillow quilt draped across the bottom of this bed?

11229e82-2 Love. Love. Love. Want. it. now.

So in the not too distant future I will be starting myself a funky junk fabric finds puff pillow quilt. yum.

I just have to decide on the colours. or should I say negotiate the colours. because I intend to have this on our bed, the bed we share, therefore it has to be agreed upon apparently. bummer. (because I vaguely had visions of a vintage sheet puff pillow quilt but that will never get spouse approval, never in a million years).


Catherine said...

I love the idea of "funky junk" - giving new life to the things even charity stores reject... great finds!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

fantatic idea ... there's beauty everywhere.
My Flea Market Find

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