Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A very exciting discovery something different

I am totally bouncing off my chair, dancing around the room excited about the site I just found!! I had no idea such a thing existed in New Zealand!! America has Etsy, Australia has Madeit, and now I find out we have Felt. I will be looking into listing some stuff on there soon.

Also, I am very excited to be venturing a bit further from home for my thrifting today. I have a parents day to go to at my daughters daycare, so on the way I will be stopping in Greerton, where there are several thrift shops AND a dollar store.

And another thing to be excited about, we vaguely discussed the possibility of driving to Rotorua in the weekend to go to spotlight. I haven't been there since before my little man was born, almost 6 months ago, so I'm excited!!


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