Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday’s Thrifted Treasures


So, I am pretty happy with what I came home with on Tuesday. I could have got more, because I set myself a budget of $20, but didn’t end up spending that much because my bag was getting too heavy to carry. Let me tell you that shopping with a baby attached to your front, a fairly heavy baby, is not easy and I will not be doing it again in a hurry. I think I’ll stick to using the pram, no matter how hard it can be to manoeuvre around places.

The picture shows my finds from the 3 thrift stores I went to (I missed one because I didn’t want to cross a busy road carrying my little man, and it wasn’t a particularly great thrift shop anyway, mostly just overpriced clothes). Most of the stuff is fairly boring:

* a green gingham cot sheet, I thought the colour was nice, so I’m not sure if it will be used as a sheet.

* some clothes that were really cheap (total $2.50 for 6 items) that will be repurposed into clothing for my daughter probably.

* a pillowcase with a cute pattern also for repurposing.

* a cute toaster cover that my husband thinks is hideous, so it will never be used as a toaster cover in our house, but I’m sure I can find a use for it.

* an embroidery hoop, which may be used for embroidery if I ever get around to trying it, otherwise it will be a frame for fabric wall art.

* a mini wreath, because I saw a tutorial the other day, no idea where, but when I saw this it reminded me, so now I will have to scour the net to find the tut again.

* Some kind of napkin or something with green polka dots, it was 10c and I liked the colour, it looks cute with the sheet, so might have to combine the two somehow….I’m thinking a plushie/softie.

* some MORE placemats, but these are different from all the others, they have square corners!!!! This will make recovering them so much easier! (these were what made my bag so heavy)

* and, the most amazing find, the most perfect and wonderfully retro discovery ever, a Super Stitch. This is a mini hand held sewing machine from the 70’s. I haven’t tried it to make sure it actually works yet, but if it does it will make things a lot easier, because my sewing machine hates me.

* Oh, I almost forgot the magazine. Just an old parenting magazine with some interesting stuff in it, came with a few free reward charts which may be useful one day, it was only 30c, and I can not leave the house without buying a magazine (no seriously, I have a problem, one that takes up lots of space).

Total spent = $14.70

Most expensive item = $5 for the Super Stitch.

So, wow, really long post. Oh well. Still working on altering my coasters and placemats, they are coming along ok, have to have them finished by tomorrow night if I want to sell them this weekend.


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