Monday, March 29, 2010

This weeks project is...

This week I am on a mission to finally do something with some of the coasters and place mats I have been collecting from thrift stores over the last few months. As you can see from the photo, I have quite a collection. Some of the things I will be doing with them:

* Magnetic notepad holder.
* Magnetic clips for putting artwork etc on the fridge.
* Desk organiser with mini cork board.
* Post-it note holders.

So watch this space for photos of the finished product. I am making these to possibly sell at the Easter jazz festival.

Tomorrow is thrift store day. I almost always go to my local thrift store on a Tuesday. I can't help it. And I really don't need more junque. But you never know what new treasures may be waiting to be discovered. Some things I will be looking out for this time:
* Teapots - for my daughter's birthday party in June, we are having a mad hatters tea party.
* Glass salt shakers - I have seen a few altered salt shakers on some of the blogs I've been browsing and I want to give it a go. You can see them here and here. These are xmas ornaments, but I have other ideas.
* Knitting needles - to make these or these.
* Cheap Clothing that can be turned into cute outfits for my daughter for winter.
* Anything that I can add to our living room to update it a bit, because we are getting a bit tired of looking at the same vases/candles etc but all our home decor "stuff" is in storage.

This is my daughters favourite toy at the moment (and she took this photo herself) - A packet of red plastic plates that I bought for a project but they were too small. She loves lining them up. I often wonder why we bother getting her toys, when she would much rather play with simple things that we have around the house.


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