Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When I saw the theme for this weeks MPAY Meme over at Vic's, I knew I had to join in due to my latest favourite discoveries.

Isn't she lovely?!? My latest op-shop find is this beautiful green jug. Who knew a jug could be so perfectly beautiful, and that I could be so passionately in love with an inanimate object.

The other new discovery is the best camping spot in the world. It's so beautiful, and green, and totally unspoiled. We spent a weekend there, and loved it. We really didn't want to leave, and can't wait for the next time we can go. But Little Man is going into hospital this week to have surgery on his legs, so we won't be going camping again any time soon.


Vic said...

Love. The. Jug.

The camping spot looks so sweet too - and yes, very green!

Thanks for playing Rhiannon!

H said...

Yes, the jug is perfect in every way, not least it's green glaze.

Jackie Proctor said...

There is just something about a jug isn't there? Love your beautiful green jug and your camping spot looks perfect.

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