Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nature Explorer Kit

I put together this kit for on of Little Princess's friends, who is turning 5 soon. I got the idea from here, but didn't have the time to make the bag, so I thought I would just put the kit together with a bag I already had.

My kit includes:
> A compass.
> A dynamo torch.
> Five little specimen jars with holes in the lids.
> A magnifying glass.
> Binoculars.
> A sketch pad.
> A note pad.
> A set of coloured pencils.
> A mutlicoloured pen.
> Two fabric drawstring bags.
> A small tin.
> Khaki shoulder bag with pockets.

It was lots of fun to put this kit together, and at some stage I will do one for Little Princess as well, but I will have to make a bag for hers.
The labels on the note pad, sketch pad, tin and drawstring bags were from the original tutorial above. I printed directly onto the fabric for the little drawstring bags, then used this tutorial to make the bags. The label on the front of the shoulder bag I made using clip art from MS Word, also printed on fabric.


ellee docksey said...

where did you buy the bag from??

Rhiannon said...

Sorry, this won't be very helpful to you, but I had the bag already, it's been in my handbag stash for years. I would recommend checking out thrift stores to find something similar.

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