Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At my house

This must be the first day I have had to myself for about 10 months. Having both kids in daycare at the same time is great. So what do I do with a day to myself?? Go thrifting of course!!

I had to go into town anyway to take back the wig hubby hired for his costume, so that gave me an excuse to visit the two op shops close to town. These are the goodies I bought home -

P8170068More vintage linen and doilies (because I obviously haven’t got enough already, only a whole suitcase full), a little crochet blanket, a retro print metal tray which will make a great magnetic notice board, an oval box which I will decoupage and use for storing some crafty supplies, a few bags of random craft stuff like lace, ribbon etc, some bits of fabric, a couple of cute dolls dresses (although these are more for me than little princess because she prefers her dolls to be naked and takes the clothes off them immediately if I put clothes on them), and a few vintage-ish books, two of which (raggedy anne and the cookie snatcher and Leo the lop) I remember owning as a child, the other one just had really cute pictures.

While we are on the subject of thrifting, here are some things I have found lately that I haven’t posted on here yet.

P8130051A pile of pillowcases, mostly vintage.

P8130052  More pillowcases, with gorgeous roses.

P8130050 A lace edged under skirt for little princess, and also for me to copy to make more, because something like that has got to be fairly simple to make, right?


Some fabric/fabric items.

P8130056 A vintage plastic tray and a bag of buttons.

P8130055 And this very cool children’s book, great story, great pictures, great concept for a preschooler who loves balloons.

The rest of my day (all 1.5 hours of it before family gets home) will be spent planning some things to make for my swap partners. I can’t believe I have joined three swaps in a week, but they are all so fun I just couldn’t resist. I think the colour swap will be the easiest, but the one I have to send first is for the “here comes the sun” swap, and I have no idea what I am going to make for that. Better get thinking (which means blog surfing until I find something or have a brainwave).

Head over to Lou Lou’s to see what's happening at other houses today.


Cook Clean Craft said...

Great finds!

We've just discovered the Wibbly Pig stories by Mick Inkpen (thanks to the library and thrift store), and my toddler son loves them. I'd love to see The Blue Balloon!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

What a treat to have time to yourself and a chance to decide how to spend your time (nearly) completely freely. Glad you did some fun things. Sounds like you are going to be busy with all of your swaps and with all of your shopping.

Thanks for joining in this week. Lovely to visit your house. Lou.

Kazza said...

Your pillow case collection is delish. You have to love all thing floral

Cadi said...

Wow. That's what I call a successful vintage-shopping trip! :-)

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